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What to wear for autumn shoots

Arguably, autumn is the most photogenic season, with its burnt orange leaves, woody feel and the ultimate chance for a pumpkin photo or two.

But what to wear!?!?

First of all, whatever you wear you need to be comfy! Don't wear clothes that don't feel like you, just for a photo. This will make you feel awkward and will show in the photos.

But here is our top 3 tips:

1. Keep it simple

Autumn has beautiful colours and backdrops, so try to avoid mixed patterns or floral. Think block colours that match the autumn vibe such as:

  • Denim

  • White or cream

  • Light grey

  • Berry/plum

  • Mustard

  • Emerald


2. Co-ordinate

If you are coming as a couple or family, try to coordinate so you are all working with the same colour palette. This will give your photos a really sleek feel (like all those photos you've saved on Pinterest). You don't need to be all dressed the same, but think about colours that are similar or will compliment each other.

3. Accessories

Hats, scarves, boots, teds or any autumnal accessory will work great! Think cosy and comfortable. This is also our best tip for winter shoots!

Try to avoid...
  • Bright colours

  • Clashing prints

But if you are completely stuck, just drop us a message and we can help with some suggestions :)

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