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The most wonderful time of the year! (Autumn that is!)

Can you believe it’s October? Not just October, MID October!

October marks a special point in the photo taking season for us; after mourning the loss of long summer nights, light well into the late evening and the blissful warmth that means we can just grab our cameras and head out without bundling up, we then move into October.

So besides the fact that we now wear clothes with more pockets (always handy for shoots, a summer dress makes it hard to carry everything – and now we’ve thrown masks and hand sanitiser into the daily inventory I welcome a coat with some pockets!) what else do we love about the autumn season:

The leaves are changing – Green is gorgeous, but a quick Instagram poll told us that most of our followers prefer an autumnal colour palette – and we can’t help but agree. There is something about the burnt orange and wooden warmth of the season that welcomes in the cosiness of the colder months. The October colours both feel cool and warm at the same time – and we all love to dig out our tan and mustard jumpers in what is arguably the most fashionable season of the year!

The temperatures are cooler – Believe it or not, as photographers, we are not huge fans of the sun! Yes, it can help to produce some beautiful images, but it also gives us squinty eyes, harsh shadows and so much heat! Overcast days and cooler temperatures even out the light and give the skin a smooth complexion – think of autumn as natural Photoshop, thank you mother nature!

Halloween – Halloween is an exciting time of the year and depending on your level of spooky involvement you may or may not be thinking about it the whole month. We are! This year consists of Halloween zoom quizzes, my mums annual Halloween tea (think of a children’s party but for 30yr olds!) and Halloween at Home photoshoots. During lockdown we started taking doorstep portraits and loved how many families we met and the photos we took. So, we thought this year for Halloween we would offer a special kind of doorstep photoshoot – a Halloween one! Get the family together, throw on some fancy dress and get outside for a quick shoot! Could there be a better way to celebrate this year?

Halloween at Home photoshoots are £30 locally. They take place outside of your home with social distance maintained, you will receive 5 digital images and an online gallery to share. Contact us to find out more or see where we operate.

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