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The 8 event photos you won't want to miss!

When you plan an event there will undoubtedly be some key moments you won't want your photographer to miss - sometimes you might need to let us know what they are (like a surprise you've planned) and sometimes we will be able to let you know what they are.

Weddings have their own key photos, and we will do a blog post on that too at some point, but right now we are just going to look at the top 8 photos that you won't want to miss at your event:

1. Your Decor

We've said it before and we'll say it again - you put in a lot of effort to create the look and feel of your event, you deserve to have some decoration photos to show that off.

2. Entry (when it's a surprise)

Surprise parties are all about the shock factor, so this is definitely something you need a photo of. Photo below is of bride-to-be Zoe walking into her back-garden hen-fest.

3. Entry (when it's planned!)

Entrance photos are a great way to make sure you have a photo of all your guests, and also means your guests get a photo of themselves in their outfits first thing! For smaller or at-home events you can set-up a photo wall yourself, or a backdrop. For large events you can hire some amazing walls to suit your theme, we even have a wall you can use.

4. Signature Drinks

It's become more popular to have a signature drink at your event. If you do this, let your photographer know so they can grab a photo of your cocktail creation.

5. Awards or Speeches

Usually these are a big planned part of an event, let your photographer know in advance so they can find the place to get the best photos for you.

6. Dancefloor magic

Not everyone appreciates a photographer when the dancing starts, and we personally limit photos once the party really gets going, because we want people to feel relaxed and enjoy the evening without a camera lurking around. But a few as the night kicks off will go great in your event gallery.

7. Candid Photos

Candid photos at events are probably the best phots you can get! The natural style really captures the spirit of your event.

8. Selfies and group shots!

Hey, you hired a photographer, don't feel afraid to grab us and ask for a solo or groups pic because your profile needs updating, we are here for it!

Happy event planning!

Cover photo by Ian Schieder on Unsplash

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