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How are we keeping you safe?

Your safety is one of our highest priorities - along with you having a great time and loving your pics! - so we want to do everything we can now that we are able to operate to ensure you can fully enjoy your photo session, completely stress and worry free!

1. Social Distancing

We will keep a minimum distance of 2m from you at all times during the shoot. We have no need to come any closer, our lenses can do the close ups for us.

2. Sanitising

We carry sanitising gel with us and ensure both us, and our equipment is cleaned before an after each session.

3. Masks

Whereas we may not wear masks if we are out in the open and standing over 3-4m from you at most points, we carry masks on us at all times and pop them on should we need to come close to the 2m mark - as mentioned above, we won't get any closer than 2m! If you would like us to wear a mask outside we are more than happy to do so.

4. A relaxed environment and open communication

We want to create a relaxed environment where you can tell us at any point if you feel unsafe, e.g. a group close by is too close or you would like to move further away from any other people that may be in the location. We are more than happy to oblige because your safety and enjoyment are non-negotiable.

5. Contactless payments

We will be accepting payments via bank transfer, which means no need to handle cash or change.

5. The sense check

Before our shoot we will confirm with you that neither us or anyone we have regular contact with is suffering symptoms of Covid-19, and we ask that you can do the same.

6. Don't panic, we can re-arrange!

In the unfortunate event that you or one of your party fall unwell, we can rearrange your portrait session for another date.

(Events will vary depending on contract and new dates.)

If you have any questions regarding safety measures or your session please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our home page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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