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Half-Term Spooky Stone Hunt!

It’s half term and we wanted to do something fun, something social that encourages people to get out in the air (at a good distance from everyone else of course) and take some photos!

Presenting our Booths Spooky Stone Hunt!

We’ve seen people do this in the past, and on one of our quiet days we thought…why not? I love a crafting project, Jim not as much, but he goes along with it for my sake (which I am always grateful for!) And inspired by a couple Jim saw on Reddit who painted stones and hid them around their local town in the US, we thought we would do the same.

So, after sneakily pinching some giant pebbles from mum’s garden, we started bringing our creations to life – throwing us right back to school days and art projects!

So here they are…but what to do with them?

We have scattered our stones around local green spaces including our closest, Bedfont Lakes. If you’re out and about this half term and you see one, take a picture and give us a tag on Instagram or Facebook (our tag is on the back of the stones).

For good measure anyone who shares a photo will receive 10% off any photo shoot with us!

A fun little activity and we love anything that gets people taking and sharing photos – fingers crossed they get found, or at least enjoy their new lives in the wilderness!

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