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FREE Photographer checklist - Are you a photography student struggling to keep up or even start!?

Photography wasn't something offered to me at GCSE, my secondary school had stopped this option by the time I got to choosing GCSE subjects. I really wanted to learn photography, I'd known since I was 12 that was what I wanted to do!

I used to read photography magazines that did not cater for the audience of 14-16 year olds - lots of technical phrases and complicated descriptions that I felt I needed a PHD to understand!

My first photography course was in college at A-Level. It was okay and I learned a lot, but I still didn't get taught the basics. I was supposed to know all about aperture and shutter speed and ISO and depth of field and white balance, even though I had never been taught it before!

So I muddled through and then went on to study photography at University. I think I cried after my first review there when I was criticised for having a 'careless' style and a 'lack of attention to detail'. So I got through my 3 years pretending I knew how to correctly expose images and that I didn't leave it on auto for most of my photos.

Considering this was my life-long dream, why did I find photography so hard to learn!!!

Does this sound like you too?

If you're somewhere on your photography education journey, or if you haven't even started yet, and you already feel confused at the information overload you get when you Google search 'beginner photography', then keep reading...

On a mission to ensure that no-one felt like the imposter throughout their photography learning, I began to create photography resources and lessons that catered to those brand new to the art, with simple explanations, visual examples and no-nonsense!

*The imposter was ejected!*



And this is where we've ended up! An easy process to help you fight the frustration!


Where do I need to start, or what should I learn first?

To ease the confusion we've complied a beginner to advanced checklist for you, take a peak below and download now!

Disclaimer: Other photographers might say some things are missing or prioritise differently, however from our experience of photography and teaching we think this is a good path to progress with!

Work through the beginner topics in each category of camera, settings and shooting - tick off the learning as you move from beginner to advanced! Simple!

Download now FREE!

The Ultimate Beginner Photographer Check
Download • 189KB


Now that you've got some clarity on where to start, we are not going to just leave you there...

Join us at Booths Photo School to tick off EVERYTHING in the beginner columns of the checklist! Everything you need, made easy to access in one simple course, that you can do at your own pace and take your time!

Check out our no-nonsense, jargon-busting beginner photography course to help you learn and understand the basic principles of photography, remove your frustration and give you confidence in your course or journey.

What can you expect from this short-course?

- 45-min worth of video content split in to 26 easily-digestible lessons

- Completely self-guided - Learn at your own pace!

- 7 free downloadable resources - Including templates, guides and tools

- POV videos of the camera - To show you exactly where buttons are and what it looks like when they do their thing!

- 'Have a go' challenges - So you can put your learning in to practice and create some pro photos for your portfolio

- Project ideas so you can get your portfolio ready for course enrolment or interview!

Visit our photo school to see some free previews of the course content!

You'll find 6 free downloadable resources during the course. And at the end of each section we will do a progress folder review, compiling your resources and challenge photos to give you a folder of expertise you can revisit at any time!


Learn More Here


Also available in the school is...

FREE mini-course on using the exposure triangle to master manual settings

"Isn't the exposure triangle an out-dated tool?"

The exposure triangle has a bit of a bad rep in the photography World. Many now think it's out-dated and doesn't really work for choosing correct manual settings - and to some extent I agree!

However, the triangle does give us a visual depiction of how to manage manual settings and is the perfect starter tool for anyone struggling to get off auto. Once you've gained a better understanding of manual settings of course feel free to throw out the rule book (you'll be an expert in no time!) but this video series is just to get you started! And its FREE, so why not?

What can you expect from this free mini-course?

- 10 minutes worth of video content broken down in to 6 easy to follow lessons

- 1 downloadable resource with 2 tools to help you get off auto

- Real examples for you to follow along

- A 'have a go' challenge to help put your learning in to practice

You can access the free exposure triangle course now!


Enrol FREE now!


Are you ready to take control of your photography journey?

Enrol on the Booths Basic Photography course now for the introductory price of just $28 (£20)


Enrol now -->


Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the Booths Photo School courses or how to use the free resources. We love to see people learn photography, and want to support the learning journey of as many people as possible!

Best of luck!

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