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4 photography tricks to make your event unforgettable!

At one point or another we’ve all encountered an event photographer, be it at a wedding or work do. They are silent assassins, gliding through crowds and shooting us at our best (or worst!). Is it a good photo? We will know in a few weeks when they appear on Facebook (gulp!).

But as event photographers we have 4 simple ways to capture your guests that will leave them screaming ‘can we do it again!’

1. If there’s no photo-booth, then ditch the props!

People can feel awkward if you thrust a prop into their hands and ask them to pose for a photo. I’ve witnessed this first hand as I once reluctantly asked people to cling on to a board with the name of the company I was working for. Some people embraced it (thank the lord for those angels!) others looked at me with a big sigh and eyes that said ‘you’ve really interrupted my welcome prosecco to hold this advert and pose’.

So here’s the solution, if you want a ‘welcome’ photo, talk to your photographer beforehand. They will need to be involved to ensure your backdrop is large enough and suitable (e.g. you don’t want a shiny background in a dark room because that wont look great with flash!), your photographer will always be happy to be involved and find you to the solution that’s going to get you the best photos of your event.

And if you’re looking for some poses for the welcome photos, check out our blog post '3 event welcome photos that your guests will actually want to post on socials the next day' (26th Jan 2021)

2. Laughs are magical!

I can guarantee, a photo of someone genuinely (or even fake!) laughing will always bring a smile to the viewer. There is something magical about seeing a candid moment in time where someone is overflowing with happiness, and these are the photos that we love of ourselves! They evoke a memory, which is incredibly powerful! – ‘oh, do you remember that time/what we were laughing about…that was great…wish we could do it again!’

3. Go big!

Candid and individual photos are great (and needed) but what adds that WOW to a gallery of event photos is the large group photos where you can see the room. These capture all the colours, the decorations, the guests and the atmosphere – and with no close-ups, people tend to not feel as self-conscious and those who are camera shy will prefer these photos of them.

4. The details

The host has spent a long time crafting their event aesthetic. Maybe there’s a gorgeous sweet table with personalised bags, maybe there’s a champagne glass with everyone’s name on. These will make great photos and ensure that there is a document of all the efforts of the host. The host will love them, the guests will love them!

Events may be small and intimate for the start of this year but that's not to say that they don't deserve to be captured in all their glory. Speak to us about event photography for your 2021/22 event.

Cover Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash

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