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3 event welcome photos that your guests will actually want to post on socials the next day

It’s never the welcome (or entrance) photos that get posted on social media the next day is it? – but why shouldn’t it be? That’s when everyone is looking their best, yet the ‘stand and smile’ photos tend to feel a bit…'meh'

So here’s 3 easy ways to banish the cringe and get photos that your guests will actually thank you for!

1. Make em' laugh (real or fake!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it works! What often starts as a fake laugh soon turns in to a real one. And capturing moments of pure joy (without the pressure of perfecting your pout) make for lifelong favourite photos.

2. Level up!

There’s nothing that screams ‘awkward’ more than a line of people that look like they don’t even really know each other. Ways to avoid this? Bring people down in front, maybe find some stairs – all these things will help create a bold dynamic image and remove the ‘waiting in a queue’ effect.

3. Ditch the backdrop

When we think ‘entrance photo’ we think about a plain wall, or something draped to give us a background to our image. I’ve photographed many events and the photos taken against a plain backdrop all look the same! There is nothing unique about them and even I couldn’t tell you where they were taken. But you don’t need to spend money purchasing an expensive sleigh and real reindeer for your Christmas party entrance! Instead let the scenery do the talking.

As a host you have invested time and effort into creating an aesthetic for your event, and there is nothing greater than seeing a bokeh of lights, decorations or the natural surroundings in your welcome photos. They Signify the individuality of your event, and I promise you will look more beautiful than that plain white wall in the lobby!

And if you're still not convinced, then drop the entrance photo completely! We believe the key to great event photography is not forcing it! Focus on candids and maybe a photo booth or selfie wall.

If event photography is something you need for 2021/22 then give us a message to talk about crafting photos that celebrate your personality and brand.

All of these photos came from one epic event, along with some amazing candids that we are still in love with! This was our last big event in December 2019! WOW! What a year its been!

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